Octopus Rijeka d.o.o. was founded in 1989 when it consisted mainly of climbers who worked at heights and inaccessible places.

The members of the company’s management are Eris Marotti and Boris Čok, mountaineers and builders who recognized the need in the market to perform construction works at heights and inaccessible places in a different way, using modified mountaineering techniques with mandatory respect for the construction profession.

Octopus Rijeka d.o.o. is the first registered company in Croatia to start using special skills when working at height and today it is the leading company in this field. The company specializes in geotechnical works at heights and inaccessible places, which implies insurance of rock slopes, construction pits, landslides, tunnels and alike.

We adapt to customer requirements in each new business by introducing new technologies or adapting existing equipment.