We take away our equipment quickly or completely after a part or the whole job is done, leaving a clean space and a tidy environment. At the construction site – “there is no construction site”.

Our services at heights and inaccessible places are cheaper and faster than the services of companies that do business in the classic way using standard construction equipment.

We perform works at heights with modified mountaineering equipment. Our employees are specially trained and use special skills, technique and equipment.

Demolition of trees is done by cutting from top to bottom with the help of mountaineering techniques.

Demolition is carried out in a way that does not damage the surrounding buildings, by gently and safely lowering to the ground while respecting the rules of the Work Safety Act.

They include works at heights and hard-to-reach places on world heritage sites such as churches, cemeteries and other cultural facilities under the protection of the art-conservation department.

These works imply a special professional approach in terms of material selection and installation technology, as well as the approach to the workplace.